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Confirmation of command:
A number of command - will be assigned to you score and you will receive a confirmation either by mail or fax. We will confirm the availability and delivery times.

A follow-up telephone or email will be made to ensure the orders placed and validate your graphics hardware attached when you purchase.

Expect delivery time of 15 days upon receipt of your payment and acceptance of your logos, images to print, embroidery, sérigraphier and burn.

A "fast delivery " service is available to all, through additional charge

Personalized Applications:
Please fill out the application form available on the website's main page or click with your mouse on the <a href="DemandePerso.aspx"> following link.

Each of our suppliers have their own warranty system. CPG Promotional Items will respect the warranty of its suppliers. Some administrative costs could be billed to the customer - buyer in cases of abuse and uses non-regular.

Graphics: Your company logo
Specifications: email
Adobe Illustrator version equal to or less than 10.0 or EPS format, with files extension. Eps "or". Ai "

Equipment refused:
All files Word, Powerpoint, Acrobat Reader, BMP or JPEG and compressed documents.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please send logos and images by e-mail at:

Payments: terms and modes authorized:
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery through our electronic catalogue <br> Cheques by mail:
Tout chèque « NSF » est sujet à des frais administratifs de 35.00$ canadiens.

Price :

Prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, American and European currencies are also available when purchasing online.

While price is subject to change without notice.

Transport costs are not included. Purolator and UPS are our major carriers.

A fee of launching and assembling graphics can be applied on certain products and services.

The cost of printing screen printing and embroidery are applicable on clothing and accessories.

This month promotions and availability of inventory:
We strive to ensure a continuous supply of sections of our suppliers. However, due to uncontrollable circumstances, we can not be responsible for stockouts, minor changes made during production, delays in the shipment or relating to customs.

Search by keywords:
At any time, you can use our search engine located in the upper left corner of the main page to find the article or object desired.

To shorten turnaround time and increase the success of your research, it is important to do your research in the same language that you use to visit our site.

Surplus / Loss
Particular attention will be paid to send you the exact quantities. However, our suppliers reserve the right to ship the quantities to be plus or minus 5% and charge accordingly.
We will do everything in our power to avoid this kind of situation.

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